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Provide a full of youth and dream ‘third space’ for Chinese

Concentrate on making the most professional, sincere and warm Chinese agency

From Sunrise, it is maybe a good start to learn in a top university

Sunrise has gained the authorization of UK higher education institutions and UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) partners with registration number 68482

As the official admission institute of a hundred of universities and permanent education promotion member institute of Cultural And Education Section British Embassy, Sunrise education helps a large amount of students to apply UK top universities.

Sunrise unique summer and winter camp is very famous in the UK. It helps the potential students to learn British culture and education through small class teaching and playing.

All Sunrise planners have rich life experience and know education system in UK. We provide the guardianship service for students under 18. The homestay service makes the students safe.

Sunrise has the authorisation of OISC (the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) with registration number F201100361. Senior immigration adviser will give the clients the risk assessment of the each immigration project.

With the UK travel industry licenses, sunrise is famous for its tourism service. The high-level customised journeys for UK and EU are good choices.